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In Ukraine changed the rules for registration of ownership of Avto

В Украине меняются правила оформления права собственности на авто Ukraine is gradually approaching the international standards, that affected the automotive industry.

Registration of ownership on the car will change soon. Existing in Ukraine and forms gradually yield to the global trends.

What to prepare Ukrainians? We propose to consider the most popular options. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Car sharing

Short-term car rental is gaining momentum. There are already several operators that provide car rental. However, all goes to the fact that soon they will have competitors from… the automakers. And it already absolutely other investments and opportunities. But why the creators of the machines (and here almost all the giants of the market) rushed here? Private car ownership will not disappear, but the position of the automaker understand that the extent of private ownership will decline, and — more importantly — the nature of car ownership will change.

Purchase of vehicle and brand

This method of car ownership came up with Cadillac. Its meaning is that the driver pays on a monthly basis at $ 1,500, but the money gets access to all models of the brand. You can, for example, in winter, to ride a crossover, in the summer to transfer to a sedan, and a trip to go on a huge SUV. At the same time to take care of taxes, insurance or maintenance is not necessary — all included in the price. If other manufacturers begin to use such a scheme of ownership, it will be possible in the literal sense of the word to change cars as gloves.

To buy to pass

It is not excluded that in the future will become the norm and delivery of the car in the example apartments. For example, if you are leaving for the summer, your car can be at this time not to hold on site and transfer to someone. And earn money. It seems that the residents of resort towns this method of ownership could bring considerable income, given that the value of the usual rent is sometimes very high.


The car that Nissan is going to offer the people of Paris, is somewhat different from rental or car sharing. Because here you buy a car part. Moreover, the specific. However, the machine belongs to a group of 3-5 people who can use it at a time. It is assumed that if five buyers, each of them will obtain a car for one day a week and approximately one weekend per month (chart of ownership and the opportunity to reserve “their” days can be tracked online). Such a scheme could love students or perhaps seniors. The total cost of the car will be small, because they will share between the five participants of the program. And one day owning a car often enough to go to the supermarket, to visit or on some business. There is also all kinds of insurance, maintenance and other worries will not bother motorists.

Go together

One increasingly popular way to save money — the so-called ridesharing. In this case, the car remains yours, but if you go somewhere, then simply take passengers. And there is not a taxi. Ridesharing works primarily on long trips. For example, if you need to get from Kharkiv to Kiev, you can place an ad about your journey (well, or to find travel companions for yourself) and share with them the cost of gasoline. The program usually tells how much it will cost.

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