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In Ukraine came up with a money laundering scheme for the construction of schools

В Украине придумали схему отмывания денег на строительстве школSuch budgets is not even in the European Union.

Ukraine has built public schools, which is four times higher than the ordinary budgets of the institutions. The construction of such schools in Kiev is $15 million and is on Osokorki. Such schools become a means of income for officials.

This opinion was expressed by a member of the Board of the Center of counteraction of corruption Alexander Ustinov.

According to Ustinova, such budgets are not even in the countries of the European Union.

“The maximum recommended by the Ministry of regional development the cost of construction of school for 1000 students is 100 million UAH, at the rate of 100 thousand UAH for a child. Stacked in smaller amounts. This school came four times more – almost 400 thousand per pupil,” – said the expert.

“This is one of the most profitable in Ukraine, ways of money laundering. Because no one will ever be able to calculate the thickness of the wall,” – said Ustinov.

Another the most expensive school in Kiev may appear in the Dnipro district of the capital. Its construction is scheduled $15 million.

The customer of construction – “Zhitloinvestbud”. The same company ordered the school to Osokorki.

In the list of the most expensive schools there is a school in the housing estate named Kotovsk in Odessa. She needs to spend 178 million UAH. Urban village Chabany will have another most expensive school in the Ukraine. “Prozora” indicates that the school needs 172 mln.

“Every time it ended with the reelection of the contractor and increase the cost of construction. In 2016, the school was worth UAH 80 million. In 2018, the cost has almost doubled,” – said Alexander Ustinov.

According to the expert, the overestimation of the project cost is the usual scheme in the construction of schools. In the Center of counteraction of corruption suggest that the difficult situation with the contractors the company “Zhitloinvestbud”, which builds a luxurious school in Kiev.

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