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In Ukraine, began to produce more cereals

В Украине стали производить больше крупUkrainians eat a lot of cereals per person.

Ukraine has reduced the consumption of flour and cereals, while the production of these products is steadily increasing. Businesses upgrading their equipment and building new plant, increasing production rates. This is due to increased exports to foreign countries cereals and flour.

Buckwheat is the most popular cereal among Ukrainians, in the year of the population eats up to 180 thousand tons, but its production is declining, albeit slowly. To blame low profitability and the devaluation of the national currency. Meanwhile, Ukraine still exports a lot of buckwheat and remains in the top three exporters.

In General over the past year produced released 206,7 thousand tonnes of cereals and products based on cereals. Of them clean cereals – 148 thousand tons of ready products (particularly cereals) – 58,7 thousand tons. The production of cereals for 2017 compared to the previous year increased on average by 2.6% due to the increasing production of buckwheat, oatmeal and cereals other species. The production of oats increased by more than 52%.

Sales volume compared with previous years increased significantly by 80% compared to 2014. Most have increased production in the Odessa region, Dnipropetrovsk, Ternopil and Chernihiv. The decreasing volumes occurred in Kherson, Cherkassy, Kharkov and Sumy.

Meanwhile, in the year Ukrainians eat about 5 kg of rice and 3.5 kg of buckwheat. More than half of the purchased cereals is spent on preparation of garnishes.

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