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In Ukraine began to produce milk for vegans

В Украине начали производить молоко для вегановSoon products will appear on store shelves.

A major manufacturer of dairy products company, the company began the manufacture of vegetable milk under the brand name “Ideal, Namoroka”.

“I’m sure that among my friends there are vegetarians, HLS-nicks and people who are interested to experiment and add in your new diet healthy foods. I have great news for you – now you can enjoy our vegetable novelty Ideal, Niloloko!” – said the representative of the company.

According to her, soon products will appear on store shelves. Now the lineup includes buckwheat and Flaxseed both UHT and ESL products drinks.

Lyustdorf is a manufacturer of dairy products. Produces more than 42 kinds of dairy products under the trademarks “health”, “Burenka”, “Peasant” and “Toto”. Capacities of our company allow to process about 350 tons of milk per day.

The founders and the ultimate beneficiaries of the company are Mr. Oleg Vasiliev and Larisa Ostapenko.

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