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In Ukraine began to operate the new traffic rules: what has changed

В Украине начали действовать новые ПДД: что изменилосьWhat has changed.

C September 27, in Ukraine comes into force a law On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on reforming of the sphere of Parking vehicles.

The document, in particular, provides new penalties for drivers who do not pay for Parking or leave the car in prohibited places. Parking violations will be fixed by photo and video.

The receipt of the fine can leave on the windshield of the illegally parked car, but if the commit happened in automatic mode – send by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

The case will be considered by the inspectors in the Parking lot.

The act also modifies the penalties for violation of Parking and provides a 50% discount if the fine is paid within 10 banking days.

According to the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, the Parking fines are more than a thousand hryvnia.

The act also provides for the evacuation of the car if it is: on the roadway in two or more rows, on level crossings, tramways, trestle bridge, overpass or tunnel, pedestrian crossing or closer than 10 meters from it on both sides, at intersections and closer than 10 m from the edge of the crossing roadway when you’re not the crosswalk, closer than 30 m from the landing pads to stop the vehicle routing, closer than 10 meters from the designated place of execution of road works in the area of their implementation, closer than 10 m from the exits of nearby territories and in the place of departure.

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