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In Ukraine, began selling Christmas trees

В Украине начались продажи новогодних елокPrices remained at last year’s level.

In Ukraine a month before the New year, the state forestry enterprises are beginning to sell Christmas trees.

Christmas trees for sale, harvest on special plantations or in the operations for the formation and improvement of forests.

In Ukraine the average price of a tree is about 60 UAH per meter.

Available in a choice of pine, pine of Pallas (Crimea), Norway spruce (fir) and white fir (fir).

This year, the state forestry enterprises is planned to sell about 550 thousand pieces of Christmas trees. If remain unsold cut down a Christmas tree, then give them to kindergartens, schools, to decorate the churches for Christmas.

Pricing for Christmas trees in 2017 remains at the average level of last year. In Ukraine, the average price is about 60 UAH per meter.

In state forest enterprises of Polissya the cost of the Christmas tree (Pinus sylvestris) with a length of 1 m is 30-40 UAH. In forestry, forest-steppe and steppe zone in the range of 50-60 UAH (mainly Crimean pine). In the enterprises of the Carpathian region (spruce and silver fir) – 55 to 65 UAH.

“Every citizen can personally see the places of realization, the prices of Christmas trees on the sites of regional managements of forest and hunting economy and forestry”, – said the Deputy head of Department Vladimir Bondar.

He also noted that citizens can buy trees directly into the state forest enterprises.

“It will be much cheaper than at Christmas markets. In addition, the forest enterprises to organize the retail sale of Christmas trees at retail outlets, venues, fairs and markets regional, district centers and other settlements” – said the official.

Cooper added that for the second consecutive year the number of forest enterprises, in particular, in Transcarpathian, Zhytomyr, Volyn and other regions actively practicing the implementation of live trees in pots, which can then be planted in open ground.

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