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In Ukraine banned the vaccine of Russian production

В Украине запретили вакцину российского производстваThe drug may be counterfeit.

In Ukraine imposed a ban on Russian staphylococcal vaccine, which is used to treat gnoinichkovykh skin diseases caused by staphylococci – boils, carbuncles and stafilodermii.

The state service of Ukraine on drugs and drug control has imposed a ban on the sale, storage and sales of “therapeutic Vaccines staphylococcal (staph Antifagin)” (solution for subcutaneous injection, ampoules to 1 ml №10) produced by the Russian company “JSC Biomed them. I. I. Mechnikov”. The reason for the ban is that the drug came to Ukraine illegally, then there may be counterfeit. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In this regard, the state service by his order obliged all state-owned entities engaged in the sale, storage and use of this drug immediately check the presence of a prohibited drug and remove it from circulation for disposal or destruction.

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