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In Ukraine banned the import of Russian products

В Украине запретили ввоз российских продуктовSo, cosmetics and glucose from Russia was banned.

On 27 December, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution, which was initiated by the Ministry of economic development “On introducing amendments to the list of goods prohibited for import into the customs territory of Ukraine originating from the Russian Federation”.

Now a ban on imports from Russia increased. It also covers:

– glucose and glucose syrup, containing in the dry state at least 20% wt.%, but less than 50 wt.% of fructose, excluding invert sugar

– corn starch,

– glucose and glucose syrup, not containing fructose or containing less than 20% wt.% fructose in the dry state,

– maltodextrin and syrup maltodextrin.

Already a ban on the import of certain goods from Russia, in particular:

– cosmetic personal care products (shampoos, shower gels, Soaps),

– food products (dairy products, tea, coffee, beer, alcoholic beverages),

– chemical products for agriculture(herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, rodenticides),

– railway equipment (locomotives, wagons and track equipment),

– potassium chloride etc.

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