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In Ukraine again colder

В Украине вновь похолодаетChristmas once again will become warmer.

In the near future on the territory of Ukraine will clash of warm and cold atmospheric fronts, which will bring wet weather.

According to the forecaster Natalia Didenko, 4 Jan over Ukraine appears occlusion combined warm and cold front. This combination happens because the cold front moves faster and overtakes the warm latest first at top, then the whole trajectory.

Thanks to the occluded fronts in Ukraine tomorrow will be dominated by wet weather. Will be periodic rains, sometimes with sleet.

The temperature of the nearest night 0…+ 4, in Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk and Carpathian mountains 0…-3.

Thursday afternoon will be damp, wet and cold, although the air temperature will be +2…+5. Weatherman advises to dress easily, but the heat.

In Kiev on 4 January and the night and in the daytime +2…+ 4, periodic rain, tomorrow night, possibly with wet snow.

In the future, the weather will not change significantly, but the 6th of January and Christmas is expected warming to +5…+8.

В Украине вновь похолодает

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