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In Ukraine, a new scheme avtomashinist

В Украине появилась новая схема автомошенничестваScammers “part” owners EuroBLECH.

In Ukraine there is a new fraud scheme, the victims of which become the owners of the cars are foreign numbers.

According to autoblogger Nikolai Babikov, now “EuroBLECH” their Ukrainian owners take their formal owners – the owners of European firms or foreigners. Fraud is based on the fact that in the technical passport of the car entered its foreign co-owner.

“When people take a car on avtonomera, do not pay attention, or even asked to inscribe itself in the log. But it doesn’t matter. There is already the owner – an individual or a foreign private company in which you like to rent a car. then these people appear, break rooms and state that their car. The owner of the company says, well, you took in rent a car, and now I’m taking it, all the time has passed”, – said Babikov.

He noted that such cases have already been to Odessa and Kharkov. Behind them are generally the owners of foreign firms that are conspiring to knock out their customers money. Most often the victims of such fraud are Ukrainians who purchased a car for such a scheme is already in Ukraine.

In order to counteract this scheme, the blogger recommends that owners “EuroBLECH” to agree among themselves to call for help and work together to counter the threat.

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