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In Turkey, the Russians staged a mass brawl in a hotel. Video

В Турции россияне устроили массовую драку в отеле. ВидеоRussian tourists got into a fight with the staff of the Turkish hotel.

In one of the hotels in Turkey Russians fight with the hotel staff.

The incident occurred on the night of September 24. According to the Russians, they decided to write a complaint against the actions of the bartender who allegedly served bad Russians.

“Tourists from Russia had a one hour wait for a glass of beer at the bar. Once our eyes the bartender rudely served of Russian girls. Directly told them that the Russians are “dumb” nation, and all Russian girls are easy, and the men are drunk rednecks. The position of such staff,” – said the Russian.

It is reported that the complaint of tourists led to their fight with the hotel staff. In the video you can see how the Russians fight with the hotel staff to the cries of their wives.

It is reported that one of the Russians smashed nose, her boyfriend smashed the bat head, the other participants in the brawl, escaped with bruises. After the fight injured were taken to hospital and later to the station. The Russians claim that after some time in the hotel allowed only girls. The tourists have moved to another hotel and I returned home.

According to the Director of the hotel, tourists from Russia were heavily drunk on the day of the conflict, were aggressive and attacked themselves staff.

Russian tourists are known worldwide for his insolent behavior at the resorts. Fights with the Russians is no surprise.

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