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In Turkey, archaeologists made a sensational discovery

В Турции археологи сделали сенсационное открытиеScientists have found fragments of Noah’s ark.

In Turkey, on the hills of Ararat was discovered the wreckage. The tree has survived not too bad, the scientists were able to know the approximate date of its use. According to them, the artifact found is the wreckage of Noah’s ark.

They dated 4800 BC.

Many scientists agreed that the found fragments belong to just Novomu the ark, which is written in the Bible. They also note that near finds were discovered and ancient objects, which is clearly traced the Windows and doors. They were also made of wood. Really dig them so far failed. But scientists believe that both findings are linked.

British scientists believe this hypothesis is not true. They believe that the wreckage found on the hills of Ararat, does not belong to the ark of Noah. Indeed, the existence of the huge boat has not been proved. And then is only mentioned in the Bible and other Holy books. But any geological evidence of such historians do not have.

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