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In Turkey appeared first hotel for vegans

В Турции появился первый отель для вегановIt opens with a March 2019

In Antalya, Turkey appeared first hotel for vegans. It provides, beginning in March 2019.

The hotel is called Vegan Lodge. It is in the area of the ancient city of Olympos, near the popular resort of Antalya. The hotel has 34 rooms. The property also has a gym, yoga room, 2 pools. The hotel is close to the beach. In addition to the above services, offers fitness classes and cooking classes.

The hotel offers 100% vegetarian menu with Mediterranean cuisine, including falafel, pasta, homemade burgers and buns with grain for lunch as well as salads, pastries and hot snacks in Breakfast. All the materials of which built the hotel, as well as toiletries, cleaning products and textiles made from sustainable materials. Moreover, the hotel uses solar energy for water heating and all rooms. The Vegan Lodge intend independently and without chemicals to grow vegetables and fruits, which are then served to the guests of the hotel. Garden and other organic waste turn into organic compost, which is subsequently used as fertilizer.

According to the owner of the hotel Emre Dilek, vegans often have a hard time traveling in foreign countries. The Vegan Lodge they show that relaxing comfortable, sustainable and in full accordance with the principles of veganism, it is possible. The rate starts from 500 Turkish liras (about 2,600 UAH) per night for two.

The number of hotels for vegans is increasing worldwide. The best hotels of the vegan philosophy in Europe are located in Germany. Including Bio Vitalhotel Falkenhof bad fussing in the Bavarian Spa resort bad füssing, Essentis Biohotel on the outskirts of Berlin, Hotel ZugSpitze in the German city of Lauenburg and the Hotel Arcotel Rubin in Hamburg.

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