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In Transcarpathia the name of tourists to hear the “singing” reindeer

На Закарпатье туристов зовут послушать, как "поют" олениSuch action, suit first.

Staff Brusturyanka forestry, which is in Tyachiv district, Transcarpathian region, first organised the event in which invite all people into the woods to listen to the roar of the deer.

About this informed the press-Secretary of the Transcarpathian regional forest and hunting sector Yulia Davydova.

“Such action, suit first, while only one forestry region Brusturyanka lesookhotnichy economy, which has 7 forest. The campaign will continue in the first half of October, must be recorded in advance, as the groups recruit a small to 10 persons, so as not to alarm the beasts,” said Davydova.

Those wishing to participate in such trips must pre-register in a specific branch of the forestry activities are organized in Lopukhovka, Kedrinskii, Akim, Playcom, Hronicheskom, Hrushevsky, Sushtinska and Neresnica forestry.

Trips will be conducted early in the morning or late in the evening. To accompany tourists are experienced foresters and gamekeepers.

The roar of deer – mating season for deer, when males emit a loud distinctive sounds (called roar). The roar lasts from mid-September until the end of November. According to the results of assessment 2018, now in the hunting grounds inhabited 1862 (+22 species increase) deer European.

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