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In Transcarpathia equip tourist Parking for cars

На Закарпатье оборудуют туристические стоянки для машинThe rest will be more convenient for travelers by car.

New infrastructure project for the development of tourist parks plan to implement in 2019 in Transcarpathia. This was stated by the head of Department of tourism and resorts of Transcarpathian regional state administration Lyubov Street in an interview Zruchno.Travel.

“It is noticeable that with the improved quality of roads, the number of tourists also increases. The next stage is implementation of a new infrastructure project in 2019. Its main goal is to help travelers better navigate the road. It will be necessary to equip tourist Parking for vehicles on the roads, so that travelers could rest and also to install new road signs to navigate,” reported Street.

In addition, according to her, the region is continuously working on improving pedestrian routes.

“For tourists within the regional budget we do marking Hiking trails through the mountains. Every year mark about 60-100 miles, try to do it in different areas to cover locations across the region,” – said the head of the Department of tourism and resorts of Transcarpathian regional state administration.

Street also said that this year the number of tourists increased by about 8%.

“This season we observed an increase in the flow of tourists. Based on the information collected from our subjects of the tourist business, we see that the number of visitors each season increased to eight percent, while another a certain number of tourists on holiday in rural estates, therefore, it is difficult to see the full picture,” added the official.

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