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In Tomsk there is a grill-cafe “the silence of the lambs” (PHOTO)

Dr. Hannibal Lecter, as you know – is a man of very sophisticated tastes. But we in Russia it is not terrible, because the Russian – the people with no less sophisticated sense of humor!

Our friend, talented writer Igor Chrome (fans of horror may know his famous story “Stay connected”), sent us in memory of a couple of amusing photos accompanied with the following message:

I was recently in Tomsk and travel saw a curious institution. Take a look
the pictures on the links You will like. 🙂

And really – what’s not to like? It turns out that in Tomsk at the address Krasnoarmeyskaya 76 there is a grill café, named in honor of Oscar-winning Thriller about serial killers “the silence of the lambs” (The Silence of the Lambs).

Interestingly, meals from WHOSE meat is served in this place?

Can be fun to imagine what the names of some famous movies could decorate the sign of a restaurant, store or some other iconic place: funeral home “Phantasm”; Laundry, “Dark water”, the diving club “Blue abyss”; diner “Eaten alive”… offers suggestions in the comments!

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