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In this country the Ukrainians are coming on vacation most of all

В эту страну украинцы приезжают на отдых больше всех40% of tourists in the country – Ukrainians.

In the first nine months, the Ukrainians confidence ahead of the tourists from other countries arrived in Georgia. According to a senior adviser to the Ambassador of the Republic Georgia in Ukraine Ramaz Eloshvili, the total number of tourists this year arrived in his country has exceeded 8 million people. About 40% of them – Ukrainians. According to forecasts, in two years this figure will rise to 15 million.

A large role was played by the fact that Kyiv and Tbilisi took the decision according to which the Georgians and Ukrainians can travel to each other enough that without a visa, so also on internal passports (ID passports).

Under the agreement signed this week by Prime Ministers of Ukraine and Georgia by Vladimir Groisman and Mamuka Bakhtadze, the citizens of both countries can annually be located in the territory of each other without visas for 90 days. Perhaps a role in the increase of tourist flow was played by the decision on the legalization of marijuana, which was accepted by the Georgian authorities.

The decriminalization of marijuana in Georgia may allow the country to become a theme popular in the Netherlands and to attract new tourists. In any case, so says the Executive Director of the Association of tour operators Maya Lomidze.

In her opinion, that this news will affect the tourist flow, “there is no doubt”. However, even without marijuana in Georgia is something to see. And without the hyped tourist spots. Such as, for example, Svaneti. Now very actively promoted Tusheti reserve, the oldest in Georgia. The region has retained its uniqueness due to the fact that for a long time lived in isolation from the rest of the world road was paved only in the 80-ies of XX century.

In Tusheti can be reached by car-SUV, but to travel in mountainous areas is best on foot or on horseback, as the locals. About this region few have heard, but have seen many. This is where they filmed the famous Soviet Comedy “Mimino”.

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