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In these parts of the world it’s always fair weather

В этих уголках планеты всегда хорошая погодаWhat first comes to mind at the thought of good weather for the holidays?

If those prospects make you bask in the anticipation, we invite you to learn about 10 places in the world where such a blessed climate lasts all year round, well, maybe plus or minus a few degrees.

San Diego, USA

В этих уголках планеты всегда хорошая погода

Travel Agency San Diego uses the local climate for advertising purposes. But it’s more than just PR – the local weather can really be proud of. In summer the temperature rarely rises above 27 degrees, whereas in winter it is usually between 18 to 21 degrees. In total in a year here about 300 days of sunshine. Other cities of California can also offer mild weather, but none of them can even approximately be compared with San Diego. With its parks, miles of beaches, an abundance of waves that can ride the Amateur and professional surfing, and natural landscapes on the coast and away from the water, the San Diego- perhaps the most attractive city of all represented in our list.

Santa Barbara, USA

В этих уголках планеты всегда хорошая погода

Another tourist town on the West coast of the United States, known for its wonderful weather all year round is Santa Barbara. This pleasant historical town is the gateway to the scenic Central coast of California. Winter temperatures are only 10 degrees lower summer temperatures are a pleasant 20-25 degrees, and for evening walks in December or January need only a light jacket. In Santa Barbara it is still slightly more precipitation than San Diego, but this only helps to emphasize the picturesque and blooming landscape. This historic city, where the red brick pedestrian street has preserved the spirit of the era of Spanish conquest, probably will remain an attractive place for eco-tourists, even if the summer will be hotter and winters colder.

Canary Islands, Spain

В этих уголках планеты всегда хорошая погода

This popular Spanish archipelago located off the West coast of Africa. Because of the many high mountains, the climate in the Canary Islands is slightly different. However, the weather remains pleasant all year round in most coastal areas, which overlook the Atlantic side of the archipelago. In summer the temperature rarely rises to 26 degrees, while winter visitors will continue to enjoy daytime temperatures to 21 degrees. Except for a few exceptions (namely the Northern part of the island of Tenerife), the climate is quite dry and Sunny, which gave the Islands the name “Land of eternal spring”. The Portuguese archipelago of Madeira, also located in the Atlantic ocean off the African coast, can enjoy similar temperatures, but there is much wetter (albeit greener) than in the Canaries.

Málaga, Spain

В этих уголках планеты всегда хорошая погода

This city in the Autonomous Spanish province of Andalusia is literally awash in the sunlight, despite the fact that in the more humid winter months the sun appears, on average, six hours a day. In July and August afternoons the temperature rises to 30 degrees, but the summer is the driest time of the year, but because this kind of weather is accompanied by very low humidity. Winter nights the temperature drops to 10, but in the daytime the mercury returns at around 16 degrees. Owners and guests can take advantage of a favorable climate for countless pedestrian streets filled with shops. Malaga has a rich history, and the architecture of the city can be seen as traces of Roman and Moorish eras, and modern buildings. In addition, the city boasts a rich artistic tradition – Malaga has given the world many famous poets, actors and artists, including Pablo Picasso.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

В этих уголках планеты всегда хорошая погода

Sao Paulo is not the most famous Brazilian city, but the largest. Thanks to its location away from water and high enough above sea level, this huge metropolis can boast the most pleasant weather of all the cities of the country. During the year the average temperature changed little in January and February it rises only to 27 degrees, while in July and August does not fall below 20. This is very different city from Rio and other coastal areas, which melt under the sun during the summer months in the southern hemisphere. Sao Paulo is certainly not the driest city on our list, but most of the precipitation falls during the warmer months, and severe storms almost did not touch the city.

Sydney, Australia

В этих уголках планеты всегда хорошая погода

Australia known as the land of extremes, but far from the tropical North and issecheny deserts within the continent the weather is quite pleasant. Winters are cool, but never cold, and in summer temperatures along the southern and South-Eastern coast rarely rises above the level of comfort. Sydney, Australia’s largest city, boasts summer temperatures average about 20 degrees. In winter it rarely drops below 10 degrees and in the daytime remains in the range of 20. Although heavy rains can take place at any time of the year, and during the recent surges of abnormal heat, the temperature exceeded 38 degrees Celsius, the likelihood that you will encounter pleasant weather conditions during a visit to Sydney is extremely high.

Kunming, China

В этих уголках планеты всегда хорошая погода

China is a very diverse and amazing place for travel, but the local weather is far from ideal for most of the year. Tourists desperately sweating in the Beijing summer and have to pack the backpacks for the winter holidays in many cities of the Median Empire. Kunming is an exception. This metropolis in Yunnan province enjoys the advantage of placing high above the sea level (more than 1,800 metres) and surrounding nature. While most of the peaks of heat the temperature remains at around 30 degrees, while the average in summer, be 21-26 Due to the height the mercury can drop below freezing in the winter nights, but even in December and January, he returned within about 15 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the pleasant weather the city of Kunming gave the same name as several other places on our list – “the City of eternal spring”.

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Lihue, Hawaii

В этих уголках планеты всегда хорошая погода

Weather in Hawaii is not very changed throughout the years. Although this us state, of course, the warmest for annual temperature, there is never very hot. In cities such as Honolulu, a maximum of 30 degrees is the norm during summer, but in smaller cities such as Hilo on the Big island and Lihue in Kauai County, 26 is the average limit. In Lihue the highest temperature during the observations was only 32 degrees. How you can confirm anyone who has spent a long time on the Islands, rains there often, but most of the precipitation falls in the form of a slight and short-lived rainstorm. There are serious storms, most cities are experiencing a severe weather conditions several times a year, mostly during the winter months. However, the vacation in Hawaii hardly ever will be a failure, and the temperature will be in the most pleasant part between “too hot” and “too cool”.

Medellin, Colombia

В этих уголках планеты всегда хорошая погода

The Colombian city of medellín, located at an altitude of nearly 1,500 meters above sea level, can offer an almost perfect temperature all year round. The average fluctuations are only about 4 degrees, and the temperature remains around 27 for the whole year. When you visit this place, at night the mercury drops to approximately 15. Because of the location of the rains there often, and therefore the umbrella should be an essential attribute. But Colombian vacation will not be complete failure. When Medellin was the most notorious city on Earth, as it was controlled by powerful cartels and aggressive street gangs. However, over the last 15 years, there was literally a coup, and now tourists can safely visit the city and beautiful mountain landscapes around it.

Durban, South Africa

В этих уголках планеты всегда хорошая погода

Durban is a developing city on the Eastern coast of South Africa is a popular place to stay due to the extensive beaches and pleasant temperature. In the summer of the southern hemisphere the local temperature reaches 30 degrees, and it rains frequently. However, the storms usually take place after lunch and in the evenings, and this means that in the daytime it’s dry. The winter months are also warm and Sunny, the temperature rises to 23 degrees in the daytime, and the chances of a little rain. A temperate climate means that any season is well suited for visits, but especially pleasant in the Durban winter months from June to August.

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