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In these health facilities do not treat patients, and to achieve them

В этих медучреждениях не лечат пациентов, а добивают их

About the St. Petersburg hospital for war veterans, and “Lenexpo”: these medical facilities are not treating patients and seek their

59-year-old Petersburger Natalia Rubchevskaya infected with coronavirus in the hospital for war veterans, said, than turned to her month of treatment. Her mother’s story to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” has passed to her son George Rabchevsky.

According to him, the woman faced with the inhuman attitude of the doctors, and the conditions in the hospital in the street folk was terrible.

In the Hospital for veterans of wars Natalia appeared after the stroke there at the end of March she had to undergo rehabilitation. 6 APR patients urgently sent home, as one of the doctors confirmed the coronavirus.

“On April 14 it turned out that the mother tested positive for the coronavirus, and it was immediately hospitalized in a familiar hospital, but on the street, — says Yuri. — We do not understand why you need hospitalization, as the disease was mild, it even on the simulator at home. But the therapist of 101 clinic did not even come to our house to see this.”

According to the son, in the background of a course of antibiotics, Nataliya Yurievna worsened arrhythmia.

“Played a role in the deterioration of her health and the terrible conditions of treatment of patients in the hospital: shared toilet for the whole floor, food is transported on trucks and laid out in an open dish — what kind of sanitary standards can be discussed? One room is for 6 people at all different stages of development of coronavirus infection, masks on anyone no. Almost all Junior staff is also no means of protection”, — says Yuri.

22 APR mother Yuri did the lung CT scan, which showed the course of the disease without complications, and she was offered to continue treatment at home. However, at home, on the background of earlier stroke, nerve and viral load it had worsened arrhythmia and hypertension. Natalia Yurievna was hospitalized again — in the specialized hospital of St. George, where after a course of antimalarial and immune-boosting drugs, she finally got a negative test and permit home isolation. The second swab from Natalia Yurievna also showed no infection.

“Now, mom remains only to recover from the transferred “treatment” and inhuman attitude of doctors in the hospital of veterans of wars. But the chief doctor of the hospital Maxim Kabanov has been appointed curator at “Lenexpo”, the terms of which also complain. My opinion — these medical facilities are not treating patients and achieve them”, — summed up Yuriy.

We will remind, in the seventh pavilion of the exhibition complex “Lenexpo” has launched a 1 thousand beds for patients with mild coronavirus infection who have no opportunity to be treated at home. In a short time as a hospital it is planned to convert five buildings. Operation of a medical institution engaged INSTITUTION “Hospital for war veterans”.

How to treat patients at “Lenexpo”, read in the material “Rosbalt”.


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