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In these facts very hard to believe. Photo

В эти факты очень сложно поверить. ФотоIt’s proven by science.

Our world is a strange place. There are things that people believe, but they can’t logically explain them.

There are myths and facts. But sometimes the facts are so strange that they are hard to believe.

In this list you will learn about some facts that may seem real crazy, but, actually, they are quite truthful.

1. One London building, known as the “Walkie-talkie” (Walkie-Talkie), capable of changing weather conditions and melting cars.

В эти факты очень сложно поверить. Фото

All this is due to the bending of the commercial center. The center officially called 20 Fenchurch street (Fenchurch Street), and called it “walkie-talkie” (also referred to as the walkie talkie) because of its design.

When the sun shines for hours in the mirror window of the building in front of him, the problems begin. Because of its bending, the building reflects sunlight and focuses them on certain areas of the city, where the result is 6 times brighter and much hotter. The temperature in these places can reach 120 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, slowly begin to melt cars parked under the reflected rays.

In addition, due to the bending of the 34-storey buildings, increase the wind flow in the area, which is why many of the shop signs fly, and pedestrians falling down.

2. The racers of Formula 1 one race can lose up to 3 kg of weight due to large overloads and extreme heat in the cockpit.

В эти факты очень сложно поверить. Фото

Because of the large congestion, Formula-1, it seems as if his neck hung bag, weighing 25 kg. of a normal human heart rate is about 60 beats per minute, but during the race the driver of the car, the figure is between 170 and 190 beats per minute.

Moreover, the driver have to show incredible endurance, sitting inside a hot car. Because of this, the body of the racer loses a lot of weight in every race.

3. In the driest place on Earth it did not rain for nearly 2 million years.

В эти факты очень сложно поверить. Фото

When people hear about the driest place on Earth, we immediately think about some of the desert. But really, that place is Antarctica. There was no rain for almost 2 million years.

Lake Bonney in Antarctica is covered with a layer of ice with a thickness of 3 to 5 meters. In it a few times found the frozen remains of sea lions.

In the dry valleys McMurdo station (snow-free valleys of the Antarctic oases) have a territory of 4 800 sq km, there is almost no ice, water or snow and no rainfall. The reason for the lack of precipitation are the Katabatic wind (speed 320 km/h) – the fastest winds on the planet, which evaporates the moisture.
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4. Every year cows kill more people than sharks.

В эти факты очень сложно поверить. Фото

Data show that every year, cows kill more people than sharks – real predators. Every year sharks kill about 5 people, but cows are much more. Only in United States every year, they kill about 20 people.

Surprisingly, most of the attacks cows are intentional and they do it as a group. During the attack, the cows gather in a circle, and their eyes turned to the external side. They lower their heads and begin to hoof. They usually attack people who walk with a dog. Their plant is a fast moving dog, which they begin to attack her.

Cows are also attacking motorcyclists, small trucks and just people passing by.

5. On your smartphone more germs than a toilet seat.

В эти факты очень сложно поверить. Фото

When was the last time you used your smartphone? Probably two seconds ago. Today’s smartphones are part of everyday life and we use them everywhere and always, so they accumulate a huge number of microbes.

Many tests conducted by scientists have shown that even sitting on the toilet has less germs and bacteria than a smartphone.

Moreover, we use smartphone in the bathroom during a meal. And not all people wash their hands after using the toilet. Researchers are advised to regularly clean smart phones with antibacterial wipes.

6. Can openers appeared only after 48 years after canned food.

В эти факты очень сложно поверить. Фото

To 1800 years of canned food did not exist. In 1795, Napoleon Bonaparte had difficulties with the storage of the products, because of what his soldiers did not receive proper nutrition. He offered a reward for the one who will come up with an effective way to store food during long travels.

French inventor Nicolas Appert was to those who invented canned food in 1810 and received his award personally from Napoleon. He got the idea to sterilize food in a glass container. Later in the same year, Peter Durand invented the world’s first canned in the Bank, which was at first of iron and then tin.

The connection technology of the Upper canning and the tin can, invented by Brandom helped for a long time to keep food fresh. But the can opener was only invented in 1858, but until then, cans were opened with hammer and chisel. The inventor of the can opener was Ezra Warner.
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7. Sharks were on Earth before trees.

В эти факты очень сложно поверить. Фото

It’s hard to believe, but shark ancient trees. The earliest known people kind of trees were archaeopteris. It was tree-like plant with leaves similar to ferns. Now it is considered extinct. According to archaeologists, this plant grew on Earth about 350 million years ago in the woods, where today is Sahara desert.

But archaeological finds of shark fossils, showed that these creatures lived on the Earth over 400 million years ago, which proves that sharks are older than trees.

8. The polar bears fur is transparent and their skin is black.

В эти факты очень сложно поверить. Фото

If you ask any person about the color of polar bears, the answer is one “white”. But the truth is that polar bears are not white. They have transparent fur, and under her black leather. What appears white, is actually optical illusion, which arises because of the wool.

The polar bear fur consists of two layers of the hair. One layer is protective and consists of a hair length from 5 to 15 cm, and the other layer is thicker and consists of shorter hair. The protective layer transparent, it reflects the sun’s rays that fall on it, which appears white. This ability bears helps them blend in with the surrounding snow environment. But the black leather allows the polar bears to keep warm.

9. The train was invented before the Bicycle.

В эти факты очень сложно поверить. Фото

Carl Just was an inventor, created the bike in February 1818. But rail transport know since the time of ancient Greece.

Before steam engines, mining used trailers on the rails. In 1820-ies in Anglia already had built a mechanized rail system. Surprisingly, the invention of rail transport before learned to balance on two wheels.

10. A large part of the fat that you lose, you exhale.

В эти факты очень сложно поверить. Фото

Until now you probably thought that the more you sweat, the more fat you lose. Some doctors believe that our fat is converted to heat or energy when we exercise.

However, scientists from the University of New South Wales in Australia, has proved many wrong. In fact, according to the survey, we breathe out our fat. It has been proven that about 10 kg of fat turns into 8.4 kg of carbon dioxide, which exits the body in exhaled air and 1.6 kg of water (urine, sweat, and tears).

According to the study, to get rid of 10 pounds of fat, a person needs to inhale 29 kg of oxygen (and along the way, burn 94,000 calories). This reaction produces 28 kg of CO2 and 11 kg of water.

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