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In these diseases it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol

При этих заболеваниях категорически запрещено употреблять алкогольDoctors have identified a number of diseases in which it is undesirable to drink alcoholic beverages.

No one will be surprised to such statement antibiotics are forced to give up alcohol. It is a recognized fact, but for some reason forgot all about that and other forms of medication are not compatible with alcohol and can cause no less harm than a shot of vodka in combination with an antibiotic.

Nearing the new year holidays, when the tables would groan a variety of dishes and alcohol. But people who at the time of the celebration will be supporting the following illnesses and take appropriate medications prescribed by a physician, is strictly prohibited to consume alcoholic drinks:

– respiratory viral infection, flu, common cold;

– diabetes;

– diseases of the heart and blood vessels: ischemia, hypertension, angina, thrombosis, and others;

– depressive disorders, epilepsy, insomnia;

venereal and other infections;

– prostatitis;

– all types of allergies;

– diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer disease, colitis and others.

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Doctors insist that all patients of the above diseases, taking medications in order to recover, do not drink alcohol, even in small doses. Fear of doctors is understandable, because the liver and without that a sick person suffers greatly from those or other drugs, and if we wash it down with liquor, the negative effects can not be avoided.

The most common side effects from the simultaneous use of alcohol and pills, syrups, suspensions, etc:

– heart palpitations;

– nausea, vomiting, dizziness;

– hypertensive crisis;

– internal bleeding in your stomach or jump in the acute form of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

– headache;

– acute liver failure occurs because of the paracetamol and any alcoholic beverages.

This is just some side effects that should stop the man before he decides to consume alcohol, and with it pills doctor prescribed.

What you need to do in order to minimize harm from alcohol and drugs:

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1. To study the manual the remedy which you are assigned. If the user clearly says that alcohol is contraindicated during treatment with this drug, there’s no other way — have yet to give up.

2. Consult with your doctor. You can find out from your doctor how many hours of drug substances leave the body and you can a drink of alcohol. And also, what is the need for the body to get clean from alcohol, so that with quiet soul to drink your pills. This method is the most dangerous, as the slightest failure to comply with the doctor’s recommendations can lead to serious consequences.

3. To give up alcohol. If you are sick and you should be treated, then the only true way to protect yourself from side effects be a complete rejection of alcoholic drinks, no matter what the celebration you do not have to visit. Remember, health comes first!

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