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In these countries still believe in witches. Photo

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. ФотоEven today, the “sorcerers” not every country can live well.

In civilized countries the word witchcraft, people often remember the books about Harry Potter and movie the exorcist.

However, there is one country where witchcraft and is now considered the norm, regulated by law, but people recognized by sorcerers or witches, have all chances to remain without shelter, without family and sometimes behind bars. Want to know where is this possible?

1. Congo

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

The people of Congo tend to explain many childhood diseases or inconsistencies in the behavior of witchcraft, possessed by an evil spirit, and more often that the child is a witch or wizard. Caring parents take such children to the exorcist, where he forces them to drink the entire bowl of cool salt solution, poke fingers in their eyes and the stomach and doing other unpleasant procedures. Those who have no desire, effort and money to bother with this unpleasant procedure, simply drive the children of witches on the street. Today in Congo, there are about 50 thousands of homeless children kicked their parents out of the house because they were considered witches and sorcerers.

2. Cameroon

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

In 2016, the President of Cameroon Paul Biya has urged citizens to fight against the armed groups of the Islamic organization Boko Haram, using its magical abilities. He even decided to forget that witchcraft in the country is prohibited by law moreover, everyone knows that Cameroonians still go for a treatment, comfort, lucky charms, and destruction on the evil neighbor to the wizards to maraboutism. However, the special success in the fight against Boko Haram, they have not yet demonstrated.

3. India

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

In rural India, the belief in witchcraft is still very strong. Sorcerers Hindus are divided into two categories. First witches, or Diane, which cause people to have fear and disgust. If the village would consider any woman among Diane, her life will not be there anymore. These women are beaten, raped, burned with a hot iron and can even kill. There is also the black magicians-Tantrika. They are Hindus too afraid, but I believe that the forces of Tantrik they have nothing to oppose. To them coming for treatment of any disease from malaria to epilepsy, and do pay, believing that otherwise the Tantrik will give them lethal damage.

4. Swaziland

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

The activities of witches in Swaziland – a very respected craft, which is regulated by law. So, witches have the full right to brew and sell potions, and even fly on a broom but not more than 150 meters from the ground. By the way, this law applies to all small aircraft from drones to flying kites. But although local residents periodically punished for breaking this law, their air toys, no witch is still the punishment has not suffered.

5. Saudi Arabia

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

In Saudi Arabia, the charge of witchcraft are considering quite seriously, and it represents a significant danger to someone suspected of practicing magic. Once the defendant falls into the hands of the religious police Mutawa and his case goes to court. If the judge deems the evidence sufficient, the alleged sorcerer or witch to be executed by beheading. You and no Harry Potter!

6. Nepal

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

Become a widow the worst thing that can happen to a woman in a Nepali village. If her husband died, so it’s her fault, according to the Nepalese, and immediately identify the newly made widow to Bakshi witches. Then all the trouble that can hit the village, whether it’s a drought, someone’s death or the chickens that have stopped laying, the blame blamed on boxi. She is threatened, beaten, burned with red-hot metal, stoned and sometimes even burned alive. In the harsh conditions of Nepal, a widow is an extra mouth, she was not able to feed themselves, and no it is not going to stand on ceremony.

7. Uganda

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

In Uganda, witches are feared and hated, but fear of them is so strong that nobody, not even the authorities, do not dare to stand in their way. The richest and most influential people in the country turn to him for medical treatment and talismans for good luck. Using official cover, people who call themselves witches and wizards, they are doing truly terrible things. For example, they occasionally steal children and kill them as children’s flesh and blood they need for potions and charms. But even for these terrible crimes witches and sorcerers are not punished.

8. Iran

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

In 2011, a number of assistants and advisers to the then President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have been removed from their posts because of accusations of witchcraft and summoning genies. In the past, I must say, in the Arab world believe more people than in the existence of witches and wizards. One of them in his defense said that the President himself pushed him to the socializing with jinns to learn, it does not work if those on the Israeli or American intelligence. Someone from enemies then said that perhaps, the President himself came under the power of enchantment. So the belief in witchcraft for a few days just completely changed the political landscape of Iran.

9. Papua New Guinea

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

2013 in Papua New Guinea it was possible to kill a man and escape punishment, saying that he is a sorcerer. In 2013, free to kill witches banned but in the countryside nobody is going to give up this good tradition. If in a village someone died not of old age, especially if it’s a young man or a child, the residents immediately call the voice of Mary the magician is able to calculate among the inhabitants of the witch or the witch. Someone pointed out the voice of Mary, there will be no mercy he will be tortured until he had confessed, and then burned.

10. Colombia

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

Colombians don’t like Turkey. Why? Yes, because this bird is believed to be an incarnation of the witch. That is, any Turkey can be a woman with a diabolical gift to use magic and change his appearance, turning into a bird. According to Colombian belief, witches are almost exclusively women. And although the laws of the country does not support these beliefs, from the rural areas of Colombia still occasionally receives reports that another woman was killed by villagers because of suspicions of witchcraft.

11. Gambia

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

In the Gambia, see what you can find is considered a terrible crime, and witch hunt headed by the President himself. Suspected of witchcraft are taken (sometimes entire villages) in remote places, trying to treat them with strange medicines that many people go crazy or die. The government even issued from neighbouring Papua New Guinea sorcerers, casting out witches their magic. Those sent to tours the country looking for witches and applying to them the methods of treatment, including beating potential witches to death is considered to be the most effective.

12. Kenya

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

Kenya is perhaps the most westernized country in sub-Saharan Africa, and its leadership seeks to bring the country’s laws in line with modern Western standards. So witchcraft is derived from formal, legal medicine. But, however, it is not punishable as well as the services of a sorcerer for health or good fortune. Therefore, ads from local wagang wizards covered all the pillars in Nairobi, and every decent Kenyan is your vaganga, witchcraft whom he considers the strongest.

13. Tanzania

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

Tanzania was never a Western colony, so the ancient dark arts flourish here. Even Christians and Muslims in Tanzania are turning to witches and wizards, when all other ways to cope with the problem turned out to be useless. Tanzanian witches are very dangerous for albinos, regularly produced in Tanzania. Their blood and flesh is considered a strong ingredient for a potion, so the hunt for albinos here a kind of national sport. The albinos are considered to be cursed, they are expelled from the villages and even in the family they can always find protection.

14. Indonesia

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

The belief in witchcraft is widespread in Indonesia. Even former President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in his memoirs, describes not so much the political intricacies of the country, how many his encounters with the unknown kind of case where it is a prayer to Allah kicked out of the house a black cloud, no doubt, sent by sorcerers. The government of Indonesia more than a decade trying to pass a bill that would put wizards out of the law, but until it fails: the resistance of the elite is too high.

15. Romania

В этих странах до сих пор верят в ведьм. Фото

In Romania, according to statistics, every tenth inhabitant of the country refers to the soothsayers and sorcerers. No wonder this profession is considered very profitable. However, when the government in 2011 imposed their income 16% tax, the sorcerers said that it would poison the water of the Danube Mandrake root, so Yes, that affected only the greedy authors of the law. However, the reason for six years without a single complaint from the government never arrived.

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