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In these cases, menopause can occur prematurely

В этих случаях менопауза может наступить преждевременноAt-risk nulliparous and smokers.

Premature menopause occurs due to the cessation of the menstrual cycle before the age of 40 years, early menopause is considered to be such, appeared at the age of 40-44 years.

Scientists have found that high risk of premature or early menopause is associated with the beginning of the menstrual cycle at an early age and lack of children.

A new study covered 51 thousand women in Australia, Japan, the UK and Scandinavia. In the populations of these countries, the likelihood of premature menopause was 2% and early — 8%.

Women whose menstrual cycle started functioning at age 11 years and younger, 80% more prone to the onset of premature menopause and 30% more to the onset of early menopause than those whose first menstruation appeared between 12 and 13 years of life.

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Women who were not pregnant or had no children, 2 times more at risk of the onset of premature menopause than those who produced offspring. The likelihood of early menopause, respectively, 30% higher in women who did not give birth.

The coincidence 2 of the preceding risk factors, the possibility of the onset of premature menopause is increased 5 times, and early — 2 times in comparison with women whose menstrual cycle began functioning 12 years later and who have 2 or more children.

The experimental results also indicate that when considering the risk of early menopause should consider other factors that are determined by lifestyle, for example Smoking.

The results of this experiment can be useful in developing the clinical recommendations for counseling the childless women at the age of about 35 years of age, whose menstrual cycle began operations 11 years earlier. Clinicians can win a significant amount of time to prepare these women to the probable onset of premature or early menopause, said Gita Mishra (Gita Mishra), Professor of epidemiology of the flow of life Kingslanding (University of Queensland), Australia.

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New research will allow doctors to alert a specific group of patients with an increased risk of the possibility of early onset or premature menopause. In addition, doctors will be able to develop a strategy for the prevention and detection of chronic diseases that are associated with early menopause, such as cardiovascular disease.

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