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In the Zhytomyr highway formed a huge tube

На Житомирской трассе образовались огромные пробкиPeople are in a hurry to get back to Kalinovka.

After left Kalinovka residents were allowed to return home, on Zhitomir highway at the entrance to the city, was formed kilometer traffic jams.

Huge congestion was and trucks, and passenger cars. Law enforcement officers were allowed to travel special-purpose vehicles, civil transport is not allowed.

Machines do not one hour waiting for children, the elderly. Most of all do not stand up to the forced relocation of elderly people say to spend the night somewhere and don’t want another night to spend outside the home will not. In addition, they want to make sure their homes are okay. Reporters noted that the people left the house in a hurry. Some in the queue in dressing gowns.

The police said that demining is not yet completed, can detonate the shells, but walk pass people allow.

Maybe some people have to sleep in the cars until morning, because an order not to allow machine – no.

Return complicated and even accidents on the narrow road: Lexus crashed into a truck. The driver of the car was locked in the cabin, in an hour it could not get together all the drivers who happened to be there.

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