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In the Zaporozhye region, archaeologists have discovered ancient burial

В Запорожской области археологи обнаружили древние захороненияZaporizhzhya students-archaeologists joined the Museum with new exhibits

So, on mother-Grief, the archaeologists of Zaporizhzhya national University examined a number of Nogai graves.

Also, during archaeological work on the burial mound Solokha was discovered 14 graves of the Scythian. Here found articles of iron and bronze (tank plates, iron knives, spearheads and arrows, bracelets) and beads steklopakety different shapes and colors, antique black lacquer utensils (Cutlery and the remains of amphoras). The result of many days of hard work they managed from the wreckage to recreate the lovely amphora.

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According to the head of teaching and research laboratory of archaeological research, associate Professor Gennady Tosheva, the 30th anniversary of the archaeological season was quite successful for the findings. It was attended by about 40 people, among whom were not only freshmen, for whom this practice mandatory, but the students of 4-5 courses, students from different educational institutions of the city.

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It should be noted that archaeological artifacts found during the excavations of the teachers and students of the faculty of history, convey to storage at Zaporizhzhya regional Museum. A significant part of these findings is the ornament of his exhibitions and aroused great interest among the visitors.

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