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In the warehouses of Amazon is more than 100 thousand robots

На складах Amazon работает больше 100 тысяч роботовThe American company boasts “modern” conditions.

In the warehouses of Amazon worldwide operates more than 100,000 robots, however, it is not Autonomous — their fear and control people. Due to this, American corporations are able to hire more workers while increasing the proportion of automation. About the symbiosis between robots and people tells The New York Times.

The company Jeff Bezos has started to implement robotics in their warehouse 3 years ago. Shortly before Amazon bought the company Kiva Systems for $775 million and renamed it the Amazon Robotics. At the moment all the companies of the group worldwide employs about 100 000 robots.

Despite such growth of robotics, Amazon continued to hire new employees. Since the introduction of the Kiva robots, the company has hired 80,000 employees warehouses in the United States. Now in stock is 125 000 people, but soon their number will increase, and jobs will change.

While robots can not do without supervision from the person. People try to automated manipulators do not drop the goods and trucks do not fail. One roborovskis can carry up to 1360 kg. basically, the robots move large quantities of goods and set one basket of goods to another. Perform smaller tasks to arrange and sort items they do not know how this work is done by people.

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