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In “the Walking dead” for the first time completely changed the screensaver (VIDEO)

Maybe the old screen saver was the cause of all ills. But this is not accurate.

The creators of The Walking Dead promised a lot in its ninth season, a sort of “soft restart” of the show, and some updates can be seen now. The opening splash screen, which accompanied the TV series all these years and changed only in some details, now looks completely different. You can check it out below.

The main musical theme of the series is still here, but the video now is something in the spirit of the comic source. New showrunner Angela Kang said that each frame saver was carefully studied and thought over, but for fans of “the Walking” there is not one hidden “Easter eggs”. You can explore at your leisure.

Recall the synopsis of the ninth season:

Viewers will see survivors six months after the end of the war. This time of relative peace between the communities; under the leadership of Rick’s people are rebuilding civilization, working together, looking back to the past to build the future. But the world they knew is changing rapidly, destroyed buildings, nature takes over, changing the landscape and creating new challenges for survivors.
Over time, communities are faced with unexpected obstacles, dangers and, of course, with the walking, but nothing can prepare them for the meeting with terrible force that threatens the very idea of civilization.

In this Chapter we say goodbye to Rick and Maggie, the key characters, a serious story that changes can not be avoided. And still waiting for the emergence of whispering around me, dudes who wear the skin of dead and live among zombies, driving their herds.

Today “the Walking dead” live again.

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