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In the Wake of “Gravity”: the Russian counterparts go in the tracks

After Alfonso cuarón with his sinoatrialna “gravity” has taken the global box office, it became clear that we need to do Russian films about claustrophobic in zero gravity, because in the space race we are in for a long time been in the first place and it would be foolish not to use it. To the nearest Day of cosmonautics meanwhile, there are not a lot of time, and information about the big “space” projects not so much.

In the Wake of “Gravity”: the Russian counterparts go in the tracks

101-m the Russian film market where we could expect to see either of the films as a whole, or at least large pieces, the audience showed little offensively. Maybe the distributors and the producers don’t want to keep the cinemas from Christmas battles, which always brings a significant part of the annual box-office. But much more likely that the creators of the two strips are not in a hurry to open their cards to competitors.

Trailer of the movie “gravity”

Still we were shown eight minutes of the movie “first Time” – the moment when the astronauts decide to disconnect the autopilot and try to land yourself. We see them sharing in the face of possible death with memories of home. See command post on Earth, where we discuss all of the risks. Then we see the moment of landing. In a recent teaser we were also able to understand that part of the film will be something to remind you of the recent hit “Survivor” is a journey through the snowy forest, because the landing occurred, not where planned. In all these shots it is clear that a substantial part of the film is more a drama-Thriller than action, although the trailer proves that in moments of the spacewalk, the authors clearly focused on the American blockbuster. Since this project was long and complex fate, including the replacement of the Director, we can assume that from different authors to the film got and the difference of sentiment.

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The teaser of the movie “first Time”

In the case of the film “Salyut-7” where all the more puzzling. The audience showed nothing but known the teaser, which is already in theaters. Evident even in this second slices, and a certain stylistic similarity of the movies there, but still, apparently, “Salyut-7” will provide more spectacular action, although still much less than Americans. In both paintings we have a pair of strong male characters and impossible living conditions. The outcome of both films is also known, because they are made on the basis of real events, and all the characters were not fictional.

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“Salyut-7”. Video about creating special effects

Maybe the viewer by April, missed the space, which he will demonstrate in an impressive blockbuster “Passengers”, but most likely the winner will be one of these two films. It will be a thrilling battle of the precedents which our movies, perhaps, was not. Of course, if distributors do not change the release date of the movies and not deprive us of this intrigue.

Trailer of the movie “Passengers”

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