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In the Vinnytsia region gathered Medical independence. Video

На Винничине собрался Медицинский майдан. ВидеоPeople protesting against the redevelopment of the district hospital.

In Vinnytsia region residents of the city of Shargorod rebelling against the lack of access to quality health care due to the redevelopment of the district hospital. These protests have called in the media the Medical independence.

Writes UAinfo, protests intensified after the local authorities did not respond to the people’s indignation and simply put them before the fact – no discussion, no analysis of the situation.

It is noted that the local hospital was transferred to the status of “medical institution planned treatment” and moved in Sharhorod Mohyliv-Podilskyi district hospital. As a result, people simply cannot obtain health care at their residence. The protesters gave the authorities five days to rectify the situation, threatening to block the railway track at the station Yaroshenko, however, no reaction followed.
According to the publication, after that the situation in Sochi was “explosive”, the building of the regional administration gathered several thousand people.

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“In the lives of 1.6 million people and all of us were divided into three districts, – said in comments to news a resident of Sharhorod and one of the Maidan activists Anatoly Banach. – Other similar regions – Poltava, Chernihiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Sumy region is divided into four to seven districts. The question arises, what criteria were held the division. We will require a redistribution of hospital districts, the increase in their number and dismissal of those officials who brought to this situation.”

According to him, the next week will convene an extraordinary session of the regional Council of Vinnytsia region, which will consider the matter.

“If they don’t meet the people, you will see another Maidan,” – said the activist.

Participants Mediana wrote an appeal to the representatives of the regional authorities, which indicate that under the new rules a full-fledged hospital facility can only be created in the village where lives more than 40 thousand people.

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“In Vinnytsia region, this city is only a winery. Can the only hospital in the region to provide timely help for the 1.6 million residents? And the hospital that will provide specialized and emergency medical care will be the only one on 120 thousand inhabitants. We have in the areas of 20-60 thousand people. Given the quality of the roads, it deprives the emergency help residents of all remote villages. To get to the hospital to see a family member will need to overcome 60-100 km”, – stated in the appeal, which the participants Madmadan transmitted to the regional officials.

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