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In the Valley of Bones is not dangerous dinosaurs (TRAILER)

Night, desert, ancient bones and the madman, screaming threats in the darkness.

Not a bad set, huh? All of this can be seen in the trailer of the film “Valley of bones” (Valley of Bones), which begins as an alternative version of “Jurassic Park” (paleontologists, search of antiquities and all that), and ends in the spirit kubicheskogo “the Shining” – the man pursues the woman and child clearly with bad intentions.

Passionate about paleontology Anna (Otem Reaser) travels to the Badlands of North Dakota in search of the skeleton of Tyrannosaurus, the remains of which supposedly found Wes (Steve molony). The problem is that Wes treated for drug addiction and had large debts to the traffickers.

The film is not very critically acclaimed and was immediately released on DVD and VOD services, avoiding wide release. But perhaps this is not the most stellar cast is more or less known to us here, perhaps, the only actress Autumn Reeserstarred in the TV series “Desperate measures” and a couple of movies category B.

But the trailer to me personally, as a connoisseur of “southern Gothic” sets a good mood. How about you?

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