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In the USA police shot and killed a man because of a cruel joke

В США полиция застрелила мужчину из-за жестокого розыгрышаThe man was not armed.

An unknown man called the emergency service to report that he shot his father and take the mother hostage. Police officers arrived at the specified caller address, the door was opened to them by Andrew Finch. Militiamen demanded from Finch to raise their hands, but the man reached for his waistband. A police officer decided that the suspect wants to grab the gun, and opened fire, causing the young man died on the spot.

Later it turned out that Finch was not armed.

According to police, the tragedy occurred because of a phone prank, known as swatting (the name of the special forces SWAT), during which the victim involved in the operation of special troops with false reports of crime. Often, these pranks can be found among online gamers. UMG Gaming, which conducts online gaming tournaments, helps in the investigation.

As the mother of the deceased Finch, her son is not fond of video games. The FBI began an investigation in connection with the murder.

Note that the law of Kansas in false reports about a criminal offense provides for up to 13 months in prison.

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