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In the US you can buy German “Katyusha”

В США можно купить немецкую "Катюшу" In the U.S., sold a rarity during the war – rocket launchers Panzerwerfer 42, standing on the arms of the Wehrmacht and the SS.

Created on the base truck model Opel Maultier, Panzerwerfer 42 multiple rocket launcher systems was a lightly armored half-track armored car on which was mounted a launcher with ten tubular guides Wurfgranate rocket-propelled grenades caliber 158 mm.

The main purpose of the Panzerwerfer 42 was the destruction of field fortifications, military equipment and manpower of the enemy and artillery preparation before the attack their troops – that is, exactly the same, what did the Soviet multiple rocket launchers BM-13 and BM-31, called the soldiers of the red Army as a “Katyusha” and “Andryusha”, respectively. The German analogue also won the nickname “Vanyusha”, the title of his ammunition “Wurfgerat 21”. Panzerwerfer 42 was distinguished for good maneuverability and high firepower, but the bullet-proof armor could not protect the crew from artillery strike or a meeting with enemy tanks.

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They were widely used by German troops until the end of the war, but because of their small size a major impact on the course of the fighting had. The MRLS lasted from April 1943 to March 1944, there were produced 300 Panzerwerfer 42 and 251 armored car to haul munitions without rocket launchers. Up to the present day survived only a few pieces, including the instance that is now carefully preserved in Kubinka.

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