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In the US submarine anomaly signals into space

В США подводная аномалия подает сигналы в космос
We mentioned earlier the scientists found the sonar anomaly, which originated from the coast of North Carolina.

From the first days in the center finds scientists have started a research activity.

First, National oceanic and atmospheric administration of America has decided to classify all the data about the anomaly, but later revised his point of view (a mysterious place I had to study). This fact forced the ufologists to ponder.

Later editors of the website Above Top Secret, it became known that under the water hiding some artificial object. Seeing this, the abnormal place began to protect the military, but some information again classified.

Recently, the military even pulled into the water the submarine for a detailed analysis of the seabed. One worker from the National office shared that the event associated with the strange behavior of the anomaly: of the studied point began to flow into the space signals. Signals are energy bursts, lasting milliseconds.

Soon to explore the seabed was attracted by a highly skilled specialist on space signals Emily PETROF. In addition, the military negotiated with the Pentagon. Thus, off the coast of North Carolina is something mysterious and even mystical. Watching the development of events.

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