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In the US millionaire the cats left a decent legacy

В США миллионерша оставила котам приличное наследствоCats received 300 thousand dollars.

The widow of a Professor at Brooklyn College Ellen Frey-Wouters left 300 thousand dollars for the two cats — tiger and Troy.

Ellen Frey-Wouters was born in the Netherlands, for many years she worked at the UN. Her husband died in 1989, and the child she lost in infancy. In the end, her only friends were cats.

“They were like her children,” — said the nurse to of animals the comment to the edition.

В США миллионерша оставила котам приличное наследство

Tiger (left) and Troy (right)

The woman died in 2015 at 88 years of age. Since then, cats have assistants Ellen Frey-Wouters, who also received part of her inheritance in the amount of 50 thousand dollars each. After the death of the cats the rest of the money they inherited as a legacy, will get only relative of the deceased, her sister, living in the Netherlands.

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Overall, his condition the woman ordered as follows: $ 300 thousand cats, 50 thousand nurses, and the remaining $ 3 million decided to distribute between the lawyer, charities and medical staff who looked after her.

First, the lawyers were surprised by such a big amount and they tried to convince Ellen not to leave the cats so much money, but she insisted. In her will stated that tiger and Troy should never sit in cages, eat your fill and live in comfort. Especially lucky Tiger: he now lives in the Sunny city of Ocala and sleeps in a plush bed with silk bedding. And despite the fact that at the time the old woman picked him up on the street.

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“He deserves it, he’s a great cat,” says the nurse of the tiger.

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