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In the US, major broadcasters boycotted a promotional video trump

В США ведущие телекомпании бойкотировали рекламный ролик Трампа The video also criticized the media for fabricating the news and ignoring successes of the new administration

According to him, is the term “fake news” used as a label above the photos of famous all over the country people leading the news. This is Andrea Mitchell (NBC), wolf Blitzer (CNN), Rachel Maddow (MSNBC), Scott Pelly (CBS) and George Stephanopoulos (ABC).
“It is obvious that the mainstream media are advocates of the first amendment (to the U.S. Constitution – freedom of speech) when it fits their political views,” the AP quotes the opinion of the daughter-in-law of the head of state of Lara trump, who works as a consultant in the Republican party and is responsible for this video. It contains a listing of false, according to the President of the United States, claims the above presenters and explaining what they palter.

Trump in recent months has regularly criticized in many leading media, including CNN and The New York Times. He accused journalists of publications that are not true, and references to nonexistent sources. The President also promised to fight against illegal leaks of information.

A week ago he was devoted to the beginning of a speech on the occasion of the first 100 days of his tenure criticized us media, again using the term “lying media”. Trump on that day chose to speak to supporters in Pennsylvania, not to go to the annual correspondents Association dinner at the White house. The Association was established in 1914, his special dinners are traditionally attended by the presidents of the country, as there are speeches and trump this custom is violated.

April 29, ended the first 100 days trump as President. In American political culture, this period is of great importance to assess the steps the next occupant of the White house. The tradition to sum up the activities of the head of state in 100 days occurred when President Franklin Roosevelt (1933-1945). In the first three months of his reign, he adopted a number of strategic decisions that become the basis of policy of the new deal and helped to bring the country out of the great depression (1929-1933).

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