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In the US, housing for the homeless will print on 3D printers

В США жилье для бездомных будут печатать на 3D принтерахThe Americans found a way to provide homeless housing.

Norwegian architect came up with a beautiful solution for the city, which allows you to use “deaf” the ends of the buildings at the same time as the art object, a multimedia screen and a shelter for hundreds of thousands homeless.

New York design Agency Framlab came up with a way to provide housing for the homeless from city streets. The project is Homed Norwegian architect Andreas Template offers a very original solution: printed on a 3D printer residential units, which resemble honeycombs and are attached to the deaf walls of the skyscrapers on the principle of scaffolding. They can build or take apart as needed.

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Since each square centimeter of the earth in new York costs a lot of money and have long been busy, such a vertical solution might be a way out of the situation, and give shelter to 61 000 people who are now forced to sleep on city streets.

Outside modules are steel and oxidized aluminum, and then in the winter they keep warm, and in summer to stay cool. Due to the fact that the blocks are printed in advance, you can assemble a wall standard size 15×21 m 95 such “cells” within a few days.

In each module of the bed, large window, separate entrance to the castle, a place to store clothes or bedding, sockets, “smart” lighting, ventilation, heat and sound insulation. All the interior details will be printed on a 3D printer from recycled bio-based plastic is both cheap and environmentally friendly.

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The window in the “comb” is made of smart glass with built-in LEDs. Day they are mirrored, so the homeless shelter will be more like a art object. Besides, it is not we will see what happens in the module. And in the evenings you can turn these Windows into a huge multimedia screens and to earn advertising.

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