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In the US filmed “UFO” eating solar energy

В США засняли «НЛО», пожирающее солнечную энергию Ufologists interested in the movie.

In the U.S. the woman told about the observed infrared UFO, which was fed by energy from the Sun, and showed the process on video. Ufologists watched the movie appeared and stated that he is proof of the existence of aliens.

According to the researchers, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations can “eat” the Sun’s energy and use it to their advantage. Pop UFO sucked up the rays and threw them in the infrared spectrum. Ufologists assume that such actions of the alleged aliens indicate an imminent threat to humanity. Conspiracy theorists have recommended that the government of different countries to pay attention to this issue, and skeptics began to accuse the authors of such videos in creating false hoaxes.

A woman living in Indiana, I spotted a UFO at 08:30 in the morning. She published a video online and asked what was happening with the Sun. In a short time the video was watched by almost two hundred people, among whom arose a heated debate.

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