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In the US, filmed the unusual rainbow swamp

В США засняли необычное радужное болото The surface in this place covered with rosy stains.

Photographer from Virginia by the name Brenten Ross decided with his wife to visit the swamp State state Park first Landing to get some nice shots. When the couple arrived on the scene, I saw an amazing picture: right in the water formed a rainbow.

Netizens have expressed desire personally to visit the swamp, while scientists cautiously began to sort out the possible explanations of the anomaly.

Thus, according to one version, some in the swamp is a reflecting element such as gasoline. Or maybe the algae began to develop exceptional diesel. However, people have criticized these findings because the oil spilled in the oceans, has never reflected the celestial phenomena.

It is rather in a special refraction of light due to changes in the atmosphere. But what could fail? Previously, this anomaly hasn’t been seen.

В США засняли необычное радужное болото

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