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In the US create a unique automatic gun

В США создают уникальную автоматическую пушкуAmericans create avtobuska with homing projectiles.

Rapid-fire automatic military installation since its invention till today there has been little constructive change. It is a weapon that is designed to cover the purpose of a hail of bullets.

Thus, it is clear that the majority of the issued bullets the goal is not reached, but just form a wall of fire.

But, it turns out, now military researchers are trying to create a automatic machine gun system, adding precision and intelligence that in the end each of the fired bullets to give the opportunity to change the trajectory of its flight, that is to make a homing on the target. According to unconfirmed reports, the smart bullet will be a small battery, a microcontroller, a laser sensor, and the folding handlebars. After the shot, the microcontroller will be activated and will start using the rudder to lead the bullet to the target. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

If the military engineers will be able to combine speed automatic queue with precision targeting of the issued shells, this weapon can be incredibly powerful.

Now on this concept has already been dubbed MAD-FIRES (Multi-Azimuth Defense Fast Intercept Round Engagement System – circular multiasistencia protective system quick interception) team of American defense companies Raytheon and DARPA, in cooperation with the division of the British defense company Lockheed Martin Corp. Missiles.

It is expected that the implementation of this project will enable the creation of automatic guns that can fan (polyfoniske – 180 degrees) to release a hail of smart bullets, able to independently detect such targets as troops manned and unmanned aircraft, quickly maneuvering lightly armored land vehicles and other mechanical purposes.

Already released statements that the prototype of these weapons can appear by the end of 2017-beginning of 2018, after which it will test.

The most promising first installation site MAD-FIRES are called the destroyers of the US Navy, where its help will be able to modify the 25-mm artillery installation of the Mark 38 (single-barrel automatic naval installation on the basis of a 25-mm cannon M242 Bushmaster).

It is assumed that feature “intelligence”, MK 38 will be able to release a hail of bullets at a speed of from 200 to 500 rounds per minute. Now imagine that each of these shells, changing in-flight the trajectory will hit the target. Perhaps such an attack will not be able to withstand even the multitude of drones. Also, such systems plan to equip and heavy infantry fighting vehicles, like the M2 Bradley, which has 25-mm cannon M242 Bushmaster.

However, it is logical to assume that the system is MAD-FIRES may have wider application. Experts predict that the real end of this project we can expect in the next decade.

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