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In the US archaeologists have discovered a sensational find

В США археологи обнаружили сенсационную находкуFound two skeletons of lizards by the age of 75 million years.

In the United States in the mountains of Montana were discovered fossils of two prehistoric lizards that lived on the Earth 75 million years ago. This is a rare case when it is possible to find fully intact skeletons.

Animals lived in the period preceding the dinosaurs. Scientists report that the length of the ancient lizards was approximately 36 cm They are species of iguanas species Magnuviator ovimonsensis that is poorly understood. Their closest relatives were found in modern Mongolia, which is approximately 9 thousand km from the place where were found the skeletons.

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“This is an incredibly rare event. To find a complete fossil skeleton of a relatively small creatures like this lizard rarely. We really managed to get two copies on a single archaeological site,” explained one of the study’s authors David Demar.

Continuing excavations, the researchers hope to obtain new data on what happened with the animals of the local ecosystem during the Cretaceous and later date.

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