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In the US, a woman killed the beloved with a kiss

В США женщина убила возлюбленного поцелуемThe American kiss gave inmate drugs.

The incident occurred in June 2016. 46-year-old Melissa Ann Blair (Melissa Ann Blair) came out to 41-year-old Anthony Powell (Anthony Powell) to prison, as he was serving a life sentence for killing mother-in-law with aggravating circumstances. They kissed, while Blair gave him mouth-to-mouth, seven small balls of meth.

Powell swallowed the beads, so as to bring them in, but soon the two of them burst and poisoned the man.

District judge Marco Hernandez (Marco Hernandez) explained that this method to deliver drugs into the prison, Powell taught partner. “It is tragic and sad, but it shares with it the responsibility for his death,” he said.

After his release, Blair will take part in the programs of mental health and drug treatment.

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Methamphetamine is a psychostimulant, related to narcotic substances, which causes strong dependence. Sometimes sparingly used in medicine. In the US the popular TV series breaking bad in which chemistry teacher Walter white, upon learning that he has incurable cancer, begins to synthesize the drug together with a former student.

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