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In the US, a ridiculous robbery caught on camera

В США нелепое ограбление засняли на камеруHacking for gum.

Users laugh the offender who has committed a botched robbery in an American animal shelter Front Street Animal Shelter, trying to carry out the automatic sale of chewing gum in the form of balls.

Appropriate frames for your Youtube channel has published information resource CBS News.

The footage shows that first, the offender spilled everything that was inside the machine, and then tried to pull him through the window for animals. But the machine, of course, not climbed.

But the efforts of the offender is not over. After that, the thief dragged the mangled machine on the refuge to another exit, threw it over the fence with barbed wire and disappeared. Now looking for the robber.

In this case, the perpetrator is not interested in box for donations to the animals, which was completely full of money and stood beside the machine.

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