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In the US, a nurse was fired for.

В США медсестру уволили за фото в соцсети]An American got fired because of make-up “under black” for Halloween.

In America a woman Shelby Henan working as a nurse, was fired from the hospital due to photos with social networks. Reported by the New York Post.

Halloween Jinan husband chose the images of the popular singer beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z. To be like stars, a pair of used make-up, making your skin dark. Pictures from the celebration the pair has published on his page in the social network.

After that, the woman who saw the picture called the hospital and complained to the nurse. Then Henan lost his job. The girl does not comment the situation and even deleted his page in Facebook.

Because of the variety of theatrical make-up to help you create dark skin – blackface had previously dismissed the American journalist Megan Kelly. A woman asked a question, whether to consider the outfit and make-up “African American” offensive.

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