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In the US, a hunter discovered a unique find

В США охотник обнаружил уникальную находкуThe hunter found the remains of an ancestor of Nessie

In the US a hunter could accidentally find the unique remains of one of the prehistoric ocean monsters, which might be a sibling of Nessie.

Such an unusual find was discovered in Montana in the mountains a hunter who went out for salmon, but he was constantly accompanied by setbacks. The man decided to descend into the gorge, where he noticed a strange snag. In the end, the item found was the remains of a giant monster that lived millions of years ago.

It is known that to extract all the remains of paleontologists took three days and discovered dinosaur was named a fellow of the Nessie, as it has the same long neck. Reptile belongs to the category of elasmosaurs and lived in the ocean during the “Cretaceous” period.

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