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In the Urals closed the school to students do a warm toilet

В Зауралье закрыли школу, чтобы не делать ученикам теплый туалет

In the suburb of Mound, in the village Lagowska, suspended the work of small schools, where there was warm toilet. This “URA.RU” parents complained of students who are now forced to go to school in the village of Vvedenskoye.

“Somehow, before the beginning of the year did not care about the equipment needed, and then just shut down the school. Now kids, since the age of seven, running for buses,” on condition of anonymity, said one of the villagers. First Deputy head of the Ketovskogo district Elena Sitnikova has confirmed that the work of the educational institution is suspended. “At school there was one class that was the eight children of different ages, she said. — I believe that the rights of children were prejudiced because they did not receive food and were not participants in the full educational process.” Sitnikov said that the transfer occurred with the consent of the parents, and they had the opportunity to choose from schools of nearby communities.

As previously reported, “URA.RU” on Monday, September 24, the Prosecutor of the region Igor Tkachev criticized the work of the Vice-Governor on social policy Alexander Karpov. In particular, he noted that 15 schools region no warm toilets. Earlier, the head of the Department of education Herman Khmelev answered the question of Senator Elena Perminova, what of existing schools, only two have problems that need to be addressed at the beginning of the school year. Promptly clarify that all schools have a “convenience” for students, the press service of the Department could not and promised to disclose later.

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