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In the upper layers of our atmosphere found hot hydrogen – scientists

В верхних слоях нашей атмосферы найден горячий водород, - ученыеExperts have been found the hot type of hydrogen at low altitude the earth’s atmosphere.

Researchers at the University of Illinois discovered a type of “hot” hydrogen atoms at an altitude of 250 km, which according to the laws of physics, should not be there.

Leading specialist University Lara Waldrop believes that their group made a discovery, which will lead to a rethink of the processes occurring in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Theoretically “hot” hydrogen atoms can exist at an altitude of several thousand kilometers. “Hot” hydrogen atoms have a high translational energy, because they move so fast that it can easily overcome the pull of the planet and be in space. Up to the present time physicists did not anticipate the possibility of the existence of “hot” atoms in the thermosphere of the planet. This layer of the atmosphere covers the area with the lower boundary at an altitude of 85 kilometers, reaching a height of 500 kilometers from the planet’s surface.

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“Hot” hydrogen atoms perform a crucial role in the atmosphere, acting as a protective shield from solar flares, protecting satellites from hostile space environment.

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