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In the United States will have a unique flying car

В США появится уникальный летающий автомобильTransport will only have three wheels.

Based in a small California firm Samson Motors plans to start next year sales of flying car Samson Switchblade.

Reports three-wheeled two-seater is equipped with a 1.6 liter gasoline turbo engine capacity of 190 HP, which through a five-speed manual transmission transfers the torque to the rear wheels.

The machine weighs 794 kg road version reaches a length of 5.1 meters and can accelerate to 160 km/h in order to transform it into the plane you want to lay hidden at the bottom of the body wings, telescoping tail boom rear tail, to detach the drive shaft from transaxle wheels and connect it to the air screw located at the rear of the machine. The procedure of turning the car to the aircraft takes about three minutes.

Then the length of the machine will rise to 6.2 m and a wingspan of 8.2 m.

For takeoff Samson Switchblade requires a runway length of 335 meters. Max air speed — 320 km/h, service ceiling 3900 meters, range is 724 km.

In the case of an emergency, a release of the parachute, so that part of the security Samson Switchblade is superior to many planes. Anyway, so say the developers.

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To develop a flying car firm Samson Motors spent more than three years and promises to deliver the first cars to customers next year.

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