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In the United States was caught in the sky unidentified object

В США засняли в небе неопознанный объектAbove the Yellowstone volcano has captured the shimmering UFO

Being on a constant monitoring of the Yellowstone volcano in the United States, captured on video moving in the air an unidentified object.

Footage later appeared on the vastness of YouTube and immediately attracted the attention of the public.

The footage can be seen as a white Orb hovers for some time above the Caldera of the Yellowstone and constantly moves from side to side. You can also note that the UFO is pulsing and is constantly exudes a bright white color.

Experts in the field of pseudoscience like UFOlogy argue that imprinted above the volcano UFO is a very bad sign that points primarily to the imminent eruption. Others believe that the object is a normal fireball, which was lucky enough to shoot were in the field of people.

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