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In the United States to re-execute the rapist, after surviving a lethal injection

В США повторно казнят насильника, выжившего после смертельной инъекции Sentenced to death raped and killed a 14-year-old girl

13 December 2016, the U.S. Supreme court rejected the appeal of Romel broom, who was convicted of rape and murder of 14-year-old girl and sentenced to death.

The sentence was to be carried in 2009 in Ohio, but to make him a lethal injection failed and the convict survived.

Within two hours responsible for the execution of the sentence was trying to find a suitable vein, but for the injection, but could not. Was caused by the prison doctor, who had no experience of participating in executions, its also not helped. The convicted person then stated that in his body stuck a needle at least 18 times while he was crying from the pain.

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In the end, the Governor of Ohio decided to stop trying. Broome remained in custody pending a court decision.

His defense has insisted that the new attempt to bring the sentence violates the law can not be double-punish a man for the same crime, but the court decided otherwise. The Prosecutor stated that the only cruelty in Broome are the suffering caused to the parents of the murdered girl endless appeal killer.

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However, it is not known when it will be held penalty, since there is a schedule of bringing the death penalty into execution, and delivery of medications for injection are unstable.

Notice, the 60-year-old Broome became the second convicted in the United States who lived during the time of execution. In 1947, in Louisiana, 18-year-old Willie Francis was sentenced to death, but survived due to malfunctioning electric chair. The court also decided that it is necessary to make a second attempt.

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