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In the United States showed the strange electric car in the world

В США показали самый странный электромобиль в мире The car provides unmatched comfort.

The Redspace REDS EV electric car designed by Chris Bangle, with its compact sitting inside provides unrivalled level of comfort of residential home.

Famous car designer – American Chris Bengl – showed the world another of his creation. It’s electric Redspace REDS EV – Revolutionary Electric Dream Space, which is surprising in a whole set of advanced solutions. First and foremost is of course the design is made in a rather original style, with angular forms.

Further, the compactness and versatility. With a total length of 2.97 metres, the car has four comfortable seats. Moreover, passengers can feel at home here. After all, the salon can be transformed as your heart desires.

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The front seat backrests are made collapsible, becoming comfortable tables. Amazing and a very wide range of adjustments of the front seats in the longitudinal direction. The wheel is made hinged, which makes moving around the cabin more comfortable.

In the bowels of the dashboard is hiding a 17-inch color monitor that slides in the Parking lot and is used for watching videos or as a gaming console. The machine also comes with an additional seat which is available in the Parking lot.

This supertransformation the cabin is not casual, because Chris Bengel believes that the lion’s share of time that occupants spend not moving and standing vehicle.

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As for the electric part, especially technical specifications are not disclosed. It is argued that Redspace REDS EV has the fastest-in-class acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h Maximum speed reaches 120 km/h and the Best turning radius.

The batteries are located under the floor. Interestingly, they can be recharged with solar panels, which occupy the entire surface of the roof.

And now the most interesting. The customer machine was made by the Chinese Corporation China Hi-Tech Group Corporation (CHTC), which with the help of Redspace wants to flood the local market by the universal electric vehicles.

В США показали самый странный электромобиль в мире

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